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About us - EUROSAD

EUROSAD - is an association of fruit and vegetables producers with long-term experience in the production of high-quality fresh fruit and vegetables.

We cherish long tradition and value experience and modern production technology.

All our fruit and vegetables are produced with the use of modern technology.
Our advantage is our specific region that gives our products such an excellent taste.
Our logistic centre comprises a sorting station (electronic sorting line with water unloading) and modern ULO fruit storage facilities. We also maintain our own modern transportation fleet.

We are also IPO and GLOBALGAP accredited.


EUROSAD Sp. z o.o.
Konary 101, 05-660 Warka
tel/fax: +48 48 667 60 02
mobile: 0 509 990 549

email: biuro@grupaeurosad.pl

Did you know that: In Poland there are approximately 40 million apple trees, producing about 10 million tons of fruit, full of vitamins, sugar, aromatic substances and mineral salts.

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